Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Framing Art

This print was a Christmas present. That means it's been almost 7 months, and I still haven't had it framed. It's one of my most legitimate pieces of art, and I'm taking the worst care of it. Does my guilt make up for that at all?


Kristin said...

I am with you on this, but a bit backwards. I have lots of frames I bought at Savers and re-painted, though have yet to fill them with anything. So, they sit on my living room floor under a side table awaiting their fate. Maybe someday I'll fill them!

Annie said... least you've painted them. that's the biggest hurdle!

Shauna said...

I actually LOVE this idea for hanging a piece of art. Maybe not a valuable piece of art, but I think I'm going to use it for rotating my 7 & 10 year-olds' latest and greatest creations.