Monday, August 31, 2009


How long is 'we just moved' a legitimate excuse for having unpacked boxes in the living room?


Steven said...

Happy Birthday! I totally remembered without any kind of reminders from blog posts.

We still have unpacked boxes (that have occasionally occupied a spot in the living room) and we have lived here for quite some time now...

iamchanelle said...
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iamchanelle said...

first of all, happy [verrrrry late] birthday!!!

just hopped over here from your other blog, and over there from design sponge. and can i just say how much i already adore you?!?!
i hate returning things to stores. leave well intentioned projects half (or un) finished. i am in the midst of reading no less than ten books at once. for the past two years.

the only thing i finish is my plate of food each day. i have no problem with that task.

looking forward to going thru archives and future postings!


Annie said...

chanelle...welcome and thanks for reading! i'm always glad to hear about fellow non-finishers. we have to stick together!

sommer with an o said...

Yay! Add me to the group of fellow non-finishers who hopped over here from d*s as well. Great blog - thanks for the smiles! I am sooo glad I am not the only one!