Friday, October 9, 2009

Junk Basket

My birthday was 5 weeks ago. That means 5 weeks ago I cleaned up my apartment in preparation for my birthday party. That means 5 weeks ago this basket was filled with odds and ends to deal with later. That means 5 weeks later I'm wondering....when will 'later' be, exactly?


AzĂșcar said...

I have a bag of later from when I cleaned out my car...two months ago.

annie said...

i WISH i had a bag of stuff from a cleaned out car. but that would involve cleaning it more than two times in the 3 years that i've owned it. i'm totally judging myself.

AzĂșcar said...

I only cleaned it out because I had to pick up my mom.

And she would have yelled at me.

Yes, I'm 33.

MB said...

I always have a box of stuff to deal with later. It changes contents here and there, but it's always present. I could probably just throw the whole thing out and clearly wouldn't miss a thing.

dreag21 said...

The basket clean-up! I love it... and I do it all the time. Except it's usually a cardboard box. Race around the house throwing things in the box to make the place look "decent" before company arrives. (Which is usually my Mom - worse than yelling, she'll tidy up and bemoan the whole time about me not doing it... I'm 34, got you beat!)

After a few weeks of tripping over the box as it sits beside my bed, I haul it downstairs and throw it in the "east wing" aka the room behind the laundry room that's too cold for anything but holding all the stuff I don't want to throw away but never use).

And so it sits there. And sits there.

About once a year, I purge the East Wing and wonder how the hell I ended up with six bags of trash to dump!

Love your site because it makes me feel better about stuff like this!

annie said...

dreag21...i WISH i had a whole room to put this kind of stuff in! i bet i could fill it up in a week, haha. thanks for reading.

Suzie Petunia said...

I have a basket like that in my bedroom. It has stuff in it from Girls Camp August '09. Yikes.