Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Results

Well, it's unanimous. And by that I mean that Simon and I agree on what movie we should use our tickets to see. Leah, you win...the in my brain has selected The Blind Side. I promise that The Fantastic Mr. Fox is on the list, but I just have such a thing for sports movies. Leah, your prize is that you get to babysit for us while we go to the movie! And thanks to everyone for the suggestions.


Vanessa Swenson said...

I hate going to movie theaters, but I decided that The Blind Side would be worth the risk.
It was awesome. It's made it onto my list of movies that I'd actually possibly maybe consider owning someday.
That's huge.

annie said...

vanessa...that makes me even more excited!

daine said...

The Blind Side? Really? I haven't seen it, so I can't guarantee it's schlock, but in the very least it's not one that will be better on the big screen than it would be at home.

I don't approve. I guess it's good that they're not my tickets.

At least watch Speed or Speed 2 again and see if that won't dissuade you from supporting Ms. Bullock.

annie said...

daine...i haven't seen either of the speed movies, so maybe i'm missing out on some prejudice i should have. :) and i've heard from several people i trust that the blind side is really good, and it's one that my parents won't be seeing at christmastime. so we're going to use our tickets for blind side, and let my parents take us (we're generous children) to the ones we probably should be seeing. so no worries.

David and Stephanie Blake Family said...

YES! I am glad that I won! I saw that movie last weekend and it was awesome!! And I would love to baby-sit Maren while you watch it!!