Monday, August 24, 2009

Curtains/Sewing Machine

This one has been on the to-do list for a few weeks now. I have to pick up my sewing machine from the repair shop (yeah, I just got it fixed and it broke back here) so I can sew bigger openings at the tops of these panels. Till now they're draped and painful to look at, and I'm left fuming at our curtain rod for being too big to fit through the opening and at Urban Outfitters for selling curtains with what really is too small of an opening. And if I were a sewing machine repair shop, I'd have the option for delivery.


Just Some Dude said...

So, I think we need to have a sewing club. Yes, I have my own machine as well, and it's been forever since I got it out. But first, I need to talk to Mark so that we can do that clamshell box for your patient relative. So it will be a bookbinding/sewing club. We'll do everything on your "to do" list, and then you won't have anything left to blog about.

katie k said...

I love this blog. It makes me feel better about several things inluding some tart tins from sur-la-table that I have been meaning to return for a year. or the artwork that I didn't get around to hanging until a year and a new apartment later (and it sat framed against the wall for the whole yr). oh and the dress on my dress form that I started making 2 years ago, and now that I have a baby, I can no longer fit into..

Crystal said...

I'm a little afraid of your new title picture...mostly because I have a fear of the unknown. And googling "what is annie's title picture?" wasn't helpful at all.

Anonymous said... have a sewing machine again.... As soon as we get one, we somehow end up donating it to a relative or ward member. We are still admiring your talents!