Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Barbie House

My grandpa was the bomb dot com.  I can apply that modern and totally still trendy title retroactively because of this incredible Barbie house he built for me and my sister when I was 5ish.  That's Barbie house had molding and shingles.  What, yours was pink and cardboard and plastic?  Sorry.

My plan is to update and repaint and make fabulous this relic of my childhood, and I've done lots of staring at it and a little contact paper removing, but really the only thing that's changed so far is that the balcony has become even more of a storage area.  Shame on me.


ke said...


Let me help you, please?

Lin said...

oooh. I wish I still lived in Utah. The possibilities are endless! I want a Barbie house to redecorate!

craftyashley said...

Oooh! To pick out awesome new wallpaper! (drool)