Friday, January 8, 2010

Stuff for Storage

Is there a limit to how long I'm allowed to have my Christmas decorations packed away and stashed in the corner, waiting (along with a chair with no place to go and an old car seat) to be taken out to the storage room?  I give myself till the end of January.  My mom left our tree up that long once because she loved it so much.  "Mom," we whined.  "Tomorrow is February!  This is embarrassing!" 

I guess those are the words I have to eat because this pile is also embarrassing.


Quinn said...

ummm... yeah, mine's all stuffed in our armchair in the dining room... and I haven't even pulled our front-room tree down yet... oy veh.

Crystal said...

I just put our real christmas tree out on the porch tonight...I figured it was at least a start. I have no idea what to do with it now.

annie said...

haha, our tree was totally on the porch for a long time! then my mom took it to DI on her way out of town because she thought it was silly to leave it there. and it was would have gotten weird if it had stayed too much longer.